The first wine grapes of the season were picked today at Harris Organic, hailing the start of the 2017 vintage.

The name of the grapes is Madeleine Angevine, commonly called Madeleine or Sweetwater. It is an early ripening grape from the Loire Valley. These grapes will made into a Flor Fino wine, these days called Apera, meaning aperitive.

Harris Organic is certified by the body Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and is the only certified organic vineyard in Perth and the Swan Valley.

Being certified organic means that there is no herbicide or pesticide residues in the grapes.

Duncan Harris believes that organics is indeed the best way to go in any food operation, not only from the point of view of human health, but just as importantly the health of the environment and so sustainable production practices.

“It is important that our customers get the assurance from an independent certifying body about the organic integrity, as well as the quality of our organic wine,” says Duncan.


“Although our vineyard and winery is small, we believe that the organics movement itself is a large world-wide trend. Smart consumers are demanding to know exactly what is going into their foods.”