“If you’ve come to love the refreshing, subtly savory taste of Sauvignon Blanc then you deserve to know more about it. There are more than 10 countries that specialize in Sauvignon Blanc and each region offers a unique taste.”


I was searching through some wine news, blogs and Facebook pages when I found this wonderful little article about the origins of Sauvignon Blanc. Take a read below of the article posted on Wine Folly!

A little understanding of the different styles and the history of this grape will help you find awesome Sauvignon Blanc wines on your own.

The name Sauvignon is from the French word Sauvage meaning “wild.” It originated in the Loire Valley of France and is a parent grape of Cabernet Sauvignon (the other is Cabernet Franc). Sauvignon Blanc is at least 500 years old and is the child grape of a rare French variety called Savagnin. You can still find Savagnin wines made in the tiny region of Jura in Eastern France close to the border of Switzerland.


Australia overall is a hot climate region, but there are cooler climate areas within Australia suitable for growing good Sauvignon Blanc.

Western Australia (including Margaret River)

Primary flavors of chervil, bell pepper, passion fruit and gravelly minerals with high acidity and light body.
High-end producers will use oak to add creaminess and texture.

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Enthusiast’s Guide to Sauvignon Blanc