Casey Ewers, the name behind Travelling Corkscrew has had her fair share of wine in her life.

She started off as a cellar hand in New Zealand at age 15, worked for a wine retailer while at University, and gained her Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Intermediate and Advanced Certificate qualifications in Dubai.

She started her blog Travelling Corkscrew in 2010, and moved to Perth in 2012 where she resides in the Swan Valley.

She does, however, believe the Great Southern wine region will be the one to watch in 2017.

She posts on her Facebook page almost daily with a new tasting, and last week featured a vertical tasting of three Estate 807 vintage Rieslings from 2012, 2014 and 2015.

She had only good things to say about the Great Southern winery which she discovered last year, and decided the ’14 Riesling was the best of the three.

She mentions the refreshing colour, notes of pear and salty beach air, and guava, pineapple and citrus flavours to name a few features of the pick.

Ms Ewers certainly has the taste buds for good wine, so it’s quite safe to say she can be trusted when recommending the Estate 807 Riesling varieties.